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Chuck is the founder and creator of Master Ninja... but that just means he gets yelled at when the dojo needs work.

Attention Earflings

It’s easy to make fun of Juggalos, so let’s not do that. You can watch the infomercial for the 2011 Gathering of the Juggalos and make your own jokes. But we at Master Ninja try to be constructive, so we … Continue reading

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What It Changes: Oprah

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, friends! It was Memorial Day – did you remember what you were supposed to? You probably forgot. Is it okay to forget on Memorial Day if you remember on another day? What if you … Continue reading

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The 1-Day Song Challenge

All your friends on the Facebook are doing the 30-Day Song Challenge… or the 30-Day Photo Challenge… or the 30-Day Impressionist Painting Challenge… and let’s face it, you just don’t have it in you. 30 days? Who can keep up … Continue reading

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And We’re Back!

Welcome to Master Ninja: 10th Anniversary Edition! That’s right – the ninja’s back with a brand new invention. Well… it’s not really new, is it? It’s all based on stuff we’ve done before, but this time around we’re doing it … Continue reading

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