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Master Ninja began sometime in the Spring of 2001 as a pet project by Chuck to prove he was a funnier fuck than the other funny fucks on the internet. It was a marginal success.

Taking the form of a Q&A in the early days, visitors would ask the “Masters” a variety of questions, and the Masters – who were, we insist, fictional characters – would give them a variety of answers. It wasn’t a large variety of answers, but it was answers. What do you want for free?

Eventually, the site moved on to becoming a collection of humor articles, ditching the Q&A stuff. Then, later, the site ditched the articles too, and just became a stagnant pool of boredom.

Now, as the 10th Anniversary is about to occur or has already occurred (we can’t find the databases that would tell us the exact stuff), Master Ninja is back with (believe it or not) version 8.0! This time we used WordPress because it’s easy and we’re lazy. We hope you enjoy our new format, which is bloggish, but will touch on both the articles and the Q&A of the past.

Creator of Master Ninja

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  1. dblow says:

    For some reason, after many years, this website popped up in my brain. So I decided to see if you were still stagnant. And voila! You’re back! I am going to be honest and say I am pretty excited. Bring back the Q&A STAT because that used to make me piss my pants…from laughter, of course.

    Welcome back!

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