Two Americas – The Grammies

There are two Americas.

I live in the America that considers Chris Brown a crazed thug. In my America, we have only the vaguest notion that he also makes music.

I live in the America that has never listened to a Whitney Houston song on purpose, but somehow knows all the words to them. “I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow…” Damn you, Houston!

I live in the America that is pretty certain that “Skrillex” is a disease you get at a dub step show.

I live in the America that knows that “moves like Jagger” are not necessarily something to brag about.

I live in the America that didn’t watch the Grammies, but knows all about them thanks to Facebook and Twitter. It’s like the news, but replace that “liberal media bias” with the 140 character limit bias.

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  1. Spleenkick McGee says:

    Now I’ve got ‘The Greatest Love of All” stuck in my head, and I didn’t even know for sure, until this moment, that it was a Whitney Houston song. I guess I live in your America.

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