The 1-Day Song Challenge

All your friends on the Facebook are doing the 30-Day Song Challenge… or the 30-Day Photo Challenge… or the 30-Day Impressionist Painting Challenge… and let’s face it, you just don’t have it in you. 30 days? Who can keep up that level of enthusiasm? Not you.

That’s why the Problem Assassins at Master Ninja have come up with a solution – the 1 Day Song Challenge.

The 1 Day Song Challenge is simple. Read the challenge. Post it for one day in a row. Just one consecutive day of posting, and your obligation to the Challenge is fulfilled!

For a greater challenge, follow one of our suggested criteria:

  1. A song that makes you think of your mother.
  2. A song that makes you think of someone else’s mother. Tag that person. Or tag their mother. Or both.
  3. A song that isn’t by Randy Newman.
  4. A song that contains the word “four”.
  5. A song with a little too much swearing for your taste.
  6. A song that ought to be in one of the Fast/Furious movies or a song that definitely shouldn’t be. For bonus points, don’t specify which.
  7. A song that will be removed from YouTube by the time your friend clicks on the link.
  8. A song that is “Together Forever” by Rick Astley. He had at least two hits, you realize.
  9. A song for your funeral, but not one that has some transcendent meaning to you, but rather one that you want played to annoy your bereaved loved ones because, hey, what are they gonna do about it?
  10. A song you would sing along with… even though you know you don’t know all the words. You’d mumble through the parts you don’t know, or try to half-ass guess the words or otherwise pretend you know them, you faker.

Master Ninja – making your life easier one stupid idea at a time!

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Chuck is the founder and creator of Master Ninja... but that just means he gets yelled at when the dojo needs work.
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