And We’re Back!

Welcome to Master Ninja: 10th Anniversary Edition! That’s right – the ninja’s back with a brand new invention. Well… it’s not really new, is it? It’s all based on stuff we’ve done before, but this time around we’re doing it in blog form, see? So that’s different… not original, but different.

10 years ago Master ┬áNinja first came on the scene, and it was a humor web site of acceptable quality. A decade later, we can’t promise to quite live up to that legacy… but it’s still free, so shut up.

Here’s what to expect – jokes, more jokes, sarcasm, bad jokes, stupid jokes, more sarcasm, a potential return to the Q&A of yore, recycled jokes and more bad jokes! You’re ready for it, we’re about as ready as one could expect after several years without updating, and the world was never ready for it in the first place (in so much as the site continues to elude the cultural eminence that it rightfully deserves).

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About Chuck, the Webmaster

Chuck is the founder and creator of Master Ninja... but that just means he gets yelled at when the dojo needs work.
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4 Responses to And We’re Back!

  1. grendel says:

    Is the old site still available?

    • Chuck, the Webmaster says:

      Why would we make a new site if the old site was still available? So, “No.” The answer is “No.”

      Don’t worry, though – all the old material will be recycled here when we’re too lazy to be creative.

  2. baalirock says:

    Great to see you back, man!

  3. FlailSnail says:

    Flail! Flail!

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