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What It Changes: Oprah

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, friends! It was Memorial Day – did you remember what you were supposed to? You probably forgot. Is it okay to forget on Memorial Day if you remember on another day? What if you … Continue reading

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The 1-Day Song Challenge

All your friends on the Facebook are doing the 30-Day Song Challenge… or the 30-Day Photo Challenge… or the 30-Day Impressionist Painting Challenge… and let’s face it, you just don’t have it in you. 30 days? Who can keep up … Continue reading

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And We’re Back!

Welcome to Master Ninja: 10th Anniversary Edition! That’s right – the ninja’s back with a brand new invention. Well… it’s not really new, is it? It’s all based on stuff we’ve done before, but this time around we’re doing it … Continue reading

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